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          1. Trigg3

            The big question is: what is Trigg? Well, I’m here to explain to you all about this awesome new diary (or planner, whichever you prefer), and how it will benefit you.

            Trigg Life Mapper is an advanced page-a-day diary that guides you towards your most valued goals, which includes short-term and long-term goals. The diary fuses together planning, productivity, habit, mindfulness and gratitude to provide a daily, weekly and yearly framework that will ensure you work less (who doesn’t enjoy a good break?), get more done and constantly strive towards achieving your goals.


            Personally, I’ve been using planners for a number of years. Each person will have their preferences, but the sound of this mindfulness planner is definitely something I’d love to try out. Here are the specs:

            • A5 size: 210mm x 148mm
            • 90 GSM ivory paper (fountain pen friendly, hooray!)
            • Hard cover
            • 400 pages section sewn
            • Elastic strap
            • Bookmark Ribbon
            • It’s also an awesome aqua blue


            The Trigg Life Mapper?contains 10 innovative structures, so here they are:

            1. An annual forecast section
            2. A weekly planner page
            3. A daily productivity page
            4. A daily productivity quad
            5. A weekly gratitude section
            6. A weekly reflection section
            7. A daily inspirational quote
            8. A weekly ‘call to action’
            9. A six month review section
            10. A final annual review section


            When I get my hands on a sample product I plan on giving you all an in-depth review of the Trigg Life Mapper and also upload some more pictures. ?If you’d like some more information, or wish to purchase one of your own, head on over to Thinktrigg.?


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