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        It has been a little slow at work lately, so I have been doing my share of browsing online. This is?partly due to the fact that there are a few birthdays around this month in my family, and partly because I just enjoy window-shopping.

        Here is where I have been spending some time, in no particular order:

        JetPens – Great selection of pens and stationery imported for Japan to the US. They have decent shipping prices to Australia

        The Goulet Pen Company?- An excellent resource for Fountain Pens, if you check out the Nib Nook, Swab Shop and Pen Plaza, you will get everything you need to know about Ink, and the pens themselves before you buy!

        NoteMaker – Australian online stationer who have a great selection available, and free shipping on larger orders. Definately worth a look!

        Officeworks?- One of the best walk-in stationery shops in Australia. They are all over the place, and you can usually find something interesting!

        Amazon – We all know Amazon. Buy what you like in bulk, and save.

        Viking Direct?- Online stationer in the UK with a great range of products. Post-its!

        eBay?- New Old Stock, or just search “stationery” starting at 99c!

        Goldspot Pens?- If you are looking for something a bit more ritzy, these guys can provide. Great prices, and great service.


        Hopefully this will help you get over your wednesday blues, and kill some time.?As a disclaimer, yes, some of these places have given me samples or sponsored the site, but my views are still my views :)


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