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        Unless you have been living under a rock (or don’t read stationery-related, or smartphone-related news websites) you probably would have heard about the new Evernote Moleskine “Smart” notebook. At first I was very intrigued, thinking it might be a tablet or digital pen, but I was?disappointed?when I did a little reading about the product.

        Basically, It’s a standard Moleskine notebook (with a really cool cover, and snazzy green closure strap), available in Pocket or Large size, with either Lined or Squared ruling. The “smart” feature is that the notebook is “designed specifically” to work with the Evernote smartphone app’s “Page Scan” function. This?function?digitises your notes and sketches (by taking a photo of them), and attempts to OCR your writing, making it searchable through the app. The notebook also comes with a large set of stickers which are “smart tags” – the application on the phone pics them up, and tags the notes?for easy access.

        Here is some photos of the notebook. I do like the cover and colour of the strap / placemarker.


        Well, that being covered, I want to give everyone my two cents. I don’t really like it. When I first got my smart phone I tried some of the note-taking applications, and they just didn’t work for me. The applications give you so many options and features for organising, categorising, colouring, searching and completely digitising everything you would ever need to write down, and I just don’t need it.

        Something which may startle you, is that I don’t write very much. I wish I could, but my job (Working in I.T. in a reactive environment) just don’t require me to ever pick up a pen. At home, I again barely ever note anything down. The most common place to find my notes is in a new “notepad.exe” on my computer, until I have emailed /?transferred?the information somewhere else, then the window will be closed. I don’t need another step to keeping all the notes I barely every take. Keeping all this in my, I just couldn’t justify this “smart” notebook.

        Right. Now that’s out of my system, I want to look at the merits of it. Here is some cool facts, arranged?in DOT POINTS:

        • Specially designed Evernote-page-scan compatible “Dotted Ruling” aiding in the scanning and digitisation of your notes
        • Smart-tag stickers which let you organise your thoughts across multiple pages and projects into easily searchable sections of the app
        • Each notebook comes with a 3-month subscription to Evernote Premium, giving you some neat features

        Now, some things you may want to keep in mind before purchasing:

        • You don’t need a special notepad to use the Evernote page-scan ability. This can work on ANY notebook.
        • The notebooks are $10 more expensive than their standard counterparts. (this saves you $1.25 per 3-month block of Evernote Premium membership, assuming you pay for a year)
        • For everything you want to digitise, you will need to take a photo. This means that if it’s dark, or you have a low-quality phone camera, it could be an issue

        Ok, all that aside, if you are looking to get one of these in Australia (or even overseas, if you local retailer has sold out, or you want to preorder a copy) Notemaker?have some here are taking preorders. They will be available in the 1st week of October (next week), and they will be hitting your waist at $29.95 for the Pocket, or $39.95 for the Large. Notemaker’s standard Free Shipping applies to orders over $65 (Australia) and $95 (International) so maybe grab something else while you are there?

        Do you have any thoughts about this whole “Smart Notebook” dealio? I would love to hear them! Hit me up in the comments :)

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